Below is a selection of objects I use to create sound with. I talk about sound objects and their funtionality within my performance, their relationship and meaning to me in more detail in my article "Transmitting a listening", published in Diálogos com o Som, a collection of essays around Music and Transversality, edited by the University of the State of Minas Gerais (UEMG), Brazil.

Online version availabel here




Inside Piano

Throughout the years I have developed so called extended techniques on the acoustic grand piano, playing with the strings, the soundboard, the metal frame and the keys, using preparations and objects. The piano is transformed but can be returned to its unprepared state in an instant. The set up is adaptable to different pianos and the acoustics of different spaces, giving me the flexibility to mold and change sounds and timbres whilst I play, which is an essential and critical aspect of improvised music.

The objects I play with become extensions of the instrument itself, changing and individualising it.


photo by Petra Cvelbar

Audiopaper "Transmitting a listening"

This is a stereo version of a multi channel performance presentation which I first performed on the 14th of August in Gothenburg.

I find the format of an Audio paper inspiring and close to my own artistic practice, where my main medium is sound.

Rather than separating a presentation from my research and performance practice, this gives me the opportunity to create a new sound piece about my research, within which I simultaneously perform.

I amplify the piano in a quadrophonic speaker set up with the piano in the middle of the space and the audience around it, creating an immersive listening experience.

I am superimposing the recording of my own voice, talking about my research (partly from the article “Transmitting a listening”), with voices and interviews of other artists, pre - recorded sound material and a life piano performance.

This allows the listener to be intimately part of the actual performing and working process while it is in progress.



Memory piece

Memory piece is a work for amplified piano and playback, mapping a space through superimposing recorded and live performance in a quadrophonic speaker set up.

I perform with the amplified piano in the middle of the room and the audience around it, 4 speakers in each of the corners of the room.
Documenting the process of performing in this set up, led to the idea of Memory piece: I am using recordings made in this quadrophonic set up as a sound protocol, as a playback to improvise with in a new quadrophonic performance.

I am superimposing piano maps and memories, juxtaposing them, interacting with them. Memory piece is also a research method:

The material is constantly evolving; the playback is replaced by new sound protocols of new spaces I perform in, constantly confronting me with different sound environments and my performance within them. It also enables listeners to compare perceptions of “the same work”, under different listening conditions and context.

Audiopaper performance at the University of Gothenburg, October 3rd 2017.

Memory piece in Melbourne, Inland concert series, January 2017

Memory piece in Berlin, September 2017

Memory piece in Gothenburg, October 2017

Memory piece performed at the Art of Record production conference, Stockholm, December 2017.

Adapted for the KMH Speaker Dome with 29.4 Speakers.

Memory piece at Montalvo Arts Center, California, November 2017

Memory piece at Gothenburg University, October 2016

Memory piece in Aveiro Portugal at the

Hands on Research Piano conference January 2018

Memory piece in Zürich, Kunstraum Walcheturm, September 2016