This is an attempt to document, transcribe and index a piece of music in various ways: through language and time line, through the objects used in it or simply through audio.


Memory piece II

Size of image corresponds roughly to the sounds duration.

Opacity corresponds to active (solid) or passive (transparent) use of the object - for example when objects are simply additionally resonating.

The image of my hand is used whenever I exclusively use my hand, without any objects, for example to pluck or rub the piano strings.

The image of the  keys is used when they are in any way part of the sound producing process.

This score is completely ideosyncratic and without any additional explaining legend, it is meant as a study.


This is a stereo version of the 4 channel Memory piece II

This was a first attempt to transcribe Memory Piece II

using language describing the actions and sounds, sometimes through the objects used (Bamboo, Ebow..) sometimes through associations (Cello, rumble, Echo,distorted..). Additionaly I used a linear timeline using minutes/seconds for the starting point of the sounds.