With Goodbye Intuition we seek to challenge our roles and artistic preferences as improvising musicians by improvising with "creative" machines. Playing is core in our investigation, and it is based on this experience we try to articulate thoughts and answers to the following questions: 


  • How do we improvise with "creative" machines, how do we listen, how do we play?
  • How will improvising within an interactive human-machine domain challenge our roles as improvisers? 
  • What music emerge from the human-machine improvisatory dialogue? 

Take a look at the individual reflections as the project unfolds. You will find them under each individual name in the "human" section.

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contact: igrydeland (at) nmh.no

This is an ongoing project and the dates below reflect the last update of this website. 

04.03.19 - New reflections texts and videos from workshop, discussion and LAB#5 uploaded

18.12.18 - New videos from workshop, discussions and LAB#4 uploaded

19.09.18 - New videos from workshop, discussions and LAB#3 uploaded

07.08.18 - Updated individual reflection texts in the human - section

20.04.18 - Uploaded videos from LAB#2, workshops and tests

16.04.18 - Uploaded video from RAW concert series 

10.03.18 - Uploaded videos from LAB#1, workshops and tests

12.02.18 - Web site opening