Photos and video shot by Kobie Nel.

For one - for many - for all

The exhibition

This artistic research concludes with two complementary public presentations a time-based stage production at Cornerteatret and a gallery exhibition at Lydgalleriet. The presentations are considered connected and have the common title For one – for many – for all.

The theatrical production has a linear time-based composition to continuously modulate the audience perception of the physical objects. Employing theatrical dramaturgy as a compositional tool to highlight specific characteristics of the objects and human performers and imply various relational structures between them. The stage production has distance, theatrical lights, a score and emphasizes dramaturgy and temporal development. The performance space is a time-based composition where formal choices and dramaturgical development guide the audience's experience of the objects and ultimately guide the potential for the audience's sense of relations towards the animated figures and human performers. The audience retains much greater freedom in the exhibition setting in their encounter with the animated objects and surrounding artistic material. The encounter in the gallery setting becomes much more focused on the thingness of the objects and the potential for audience relations to form directly to the object's physicality.

The social contracts are very different in a theatrical performance than an exhibition and invite different ways of interacting with the work. Therefore, the final presentation took place within two different contexts to illuminate how the audience experience of encountering the figures could differ.

For one - for many - for all was presented by Lydgalleriet and Julie Lillelien Porter.


Photos: Kobie Nel