What is collective memory? What is personal memory? Who determines the heritage of trauma? ‘ingenocide’ is an audio-visual project composed of images taken at the frontier between Armenia and Turkey. The images represent a journey that many Armenians embark upon by taking the bus or car to visit ancient Armenian cities, now situated within Turkish territory. Sahakyan introduces strange elements to her creation composed of images, which reflect geographical signs of a fragmented history. In the work, the potential and task of a language is reflected upon in relation to political conflict. The voice of the artist tells a story in an invented language accompanied by an original contemporary composition.


                                                                           Araks Sahakyan

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frames from Ingenocide




RC exposition concept by Paulina Brelińska, all links and media are the part of curational research which I did during preparation of final year project Voyager's Record / Rejestr podróżnika. 2017-2018