According to Wikipedia: When Darwin's Journal was published, he sent a copy to Humboldt, who responded:

"You told me in your kind letter that, when you were young, the manner in which I studied and depicted nature in the torrid zones contributed toward exciting in you the ardour and desire to travel in distant lands. Considering the importance of your work, Sir, this may be the greatest success that my humble work could bring." In his autobiography, Darwin recalled, reading "with care and profound interest Humboldt's Personal Narrative" and finding it one of the two most influential books on his work, which stirred in him "a burning zeal to add even the most humble contribution to the noble structure of Natural Science."

Darwin's sister remarked to him

"you had, probably from reading so much of Humboldt, got his phraseology and the kind of flower French expressions he uses." (Wikipedia)

I uploaded these four specific pages of this book on purpose. Taking perception as a research method, I decided to show them firstly. 

I find a specific connection between them and the whole concept of the exhibition.

Charles Darwin Origin of Species


RC exposition concept by Paulina Brelińska, all links and media are the part of curational research which I did during final year project preparation Voyager's Record / Rejestr podróżnika . 2017-2018.