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Reading List:

in defense of the poor image - Hito Steyerl

the aesthetics of resistance - Peter Weiss

cruel optimish - Lauren Berlant

simulacra and simulation - Jean Baudrillard

mistaking art for refuse – Gamboni

art as experience – Dewey

what is the contemporary – Agamben

on photography - Susan Sontag

camera lucida – Barthes 

anthropology of images – Hans Belting

the factory of facts and other writings – Dziga Vertov

poetics of cinema - Raul Ruiz

 confronting images – Didi Huberman

laziness as the truth of mankind – Malevich

the weak universalism – Boris Groys

delegated performance – Claire Bishop

the ontology of performance – Peggy Phelan

picasso baby - Jay Z

"famous" by Kanye West, analyzed by Werner Herzog 

negative capability: imaging and imagining fundamental science through productive doubt - Fiona Crisp