Charlie Dance


Writing as a form of explorative research and creativity.


Before the writing there is only an idea, or maybe even less, maybe just a single word. From that point comes a flow of words, sometimes conscious, at other times free flowing, sometimes researched, at other times instinctive. This process of codification solidifies the words, making them immediately logical, if not coherent.


Concretely abstract. Abstractly concrete.


Returning back to these words, which are now texts, and reworking them, transcribing them, copying them out a second time, without having to think about their content or what comes next, provides space, a distance from the text. This space is where imagery is found, as if lurking there all along. The imagery, constructed of original material, still, moving or found image, or the simple formatting of text, then becomes part of the work, combining with the words.  From this index visuality is resolved, the relationship of the word to the image is determined, and the construct itself is built.


Without the words there can be no images, neither those installed onto the words, nor those brought forth by the words. 


research expositions