How can choreography be a continuous movement that in each phase of development encounters people and presents a whole?


I was curious to make choreography taking different forms over time in various spaces, inspired by how Marit Benthe Norheim took about seven years to create Life-boats and during the process presented what could be experienced as a work in itself - like the models and scaffold of the boats. The outcome has been research, creation, sharings, workshops and performance phases in loops over 3 years.


Sharings have taken place at Dansehallerne, Forsøgsstationen and Dansekapellet before touring, with different audience encounters, performance, feedback session, sculpting, writing & drawing. As part of the residencies at Forsøgsstationen 2 reports were made to share and document methods and descriptions of the process and the work being made.

Visual documentation - video: Julie Damkjær Photos: Tor-Erik Ulriksborg

Reports written by Julie Schmidt Andreasen

Pictures by Lassina Badolo (upper) & Tor-Erik Ulriksborg (lower)


Audience feedback 2016 at Forsøgsstationen.

Inviting to write and draw intuitive response and reflect upon questions.