-an exploration of sonic potentiality

Answer and closure


Just a few seconds ago - before clicking on the word potentiality in the menu, and thereby opening this subpage - potentiality, the word itself, was operating within a state of potentiality - almost hovering. Perhaps you were intrigued by the word potentiality – and asked yourself: what does potentiality mean?


Now you’re reading about it.

You’re getting answers and thereby the word potentiality closes in on itself. It’s gradually making the transition from the state of potentiality to the state of actuality - a question moving towards an answer.


So why potentiality and not just potential?

Where potential gains value in the act of becoming something else - in being actualized, potentiality has value in itself, without ever making the transition.


This project deals with the transitions between question & answeropening & closure -potentiality & actuality.


We all know the feeling of having a song stuck in our heads. Everybody can imagine music, everybody can hear music for the inner ear.

I want to write imaginary music that emerges in an encounter with the imagination of the listener, and where the listener in a way becomes the composer. The ultimate involvement of the listener.

My aim is not to give answers - but to raise questions, and thereby engage the listener.


(Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard)