rendering |ˈrɛnd(ə)rɪŋ|



a performance of a piece of music or drama: a lively rendering of ‘Ilkley Moor’.

a translation: a literal rendering of an idiom.

an artistic depiction of something: a trompe l'oeil rendering of Mount Rushmore.


Boris Groys


 [...]However, even if human bodies are subject to aging, death, and dissolution in the flow of material processes, it does not mean that human beings are also in flux. One can be born, live, and die under the same name, having the same citizenship, the same CV and the same Web site, remaining the same person. Our bodies are not the only material supports of our being persons.


[...]Our personality survives our body – preventing our immediate access to the totality of the flow.  

Boris Groys



“Today, everyone is subjected to an aesthetic evaluation—everyone is required to take aesthetic responsibility for his or her appearance in the world, for his or her self-design”

With the flood of information uploaded on the web, a library of experiences is available to us all. Through it the personal becomes public and the generic becomes intimate.

By adopting this found content and reshaping it, narrating it, can I reveal the political that lays within the personal?