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"Grenze"–auf Kindheitserinnerung zurückblicken.



During this talk (interview) with R.M., I thought about physical transit by persons between two countries from the same origin, but different time, space and body (goods, products, etc.) of such as its worth (different dimensions by which are the values, norms, rules, and roles in the social system.). It seemed as warp or transportation from a space to another.

Germany tries to transform West and East Modern into Contemporary, in this procedure, one of my attempts in this project is on the subject of perception of time, space and body. – on Objectivity and Subjectivity.

On warp: In some images, my attempt is thereby "(metric) tensor". I think that it could accomplish by a digital reflex camera. Experimental photography today is not on photochemical space and time  (It was also tensor, but it was by chemical phenomena, by digital, it is calculational phenomena through the light (reflection). What 'sensor' means today.), thus its research relates to the research field of image science. 

Introduction to the mathematics of general relativity

Diffusion tensors, the basis of diffusion tensor imaging, represent rates of diffusion in biologic environments

Visualization of a DTI measurement of a human brain. Depicted are reconstructed fiber tracts that run through the mid-sagittal plane. 

Diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging 

Although Drawings of Anatomy by Leonardo Da Vinci were not wrong, it was a starting point of the research in Human history.


Sound_03 (extract)

Auf dem damaligen Todesstreifen (Berliner Mauer) heute in 2018

-> As an artistic researcher thereby I explore today's image and seeing in terms of auditory sense philosophically.

Sound_02 with Interview_talks

Sound_05 (extract)


Sound: Non-calculable time, space and body Vol.1

In the subject of "time, space, and body," it focuses on the sound recording in two different types of space and their representations. These sounds were edited for representation without sound effects and musical compositional processing.

Image and Sound


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Sound_04 (extract)

"The underlying assumption of neuroconstructivism is that there is an external reality which is only given to us through representations in our mind. This fundamental assumption of an inner mind being separated from external reality is challenged by the current concepts of embodied and enactive cognition (Varela et al. 1991, O'regan & Noe 2001, Thompson 2005, 2007, and others). From an enactive point of view, reality is not something predetermined and external, but is continuously brought forth by a living being's sensorimotor interaction with its environment. Hence, the idealistic conception of perception ignores the fact that as embodied subjects we are not locked into our consciousness. Embodiment does not come as an external addition to perception, but, rather, it is constitutive for it. We must be physically in the world, be related to it, be able to move and act in order to perceive anything at all. It is only the dominance of an epistemology based on our visual sense and its metaphors (picture, perspective, representation, etc.) which makes us forget our embodiment. As a matter of fact, there is no "outer world" perceive by a passive, bodiless subject, as Magritte's picture ("La condition humaine") suggests. This is also evidenced by the development of vision." ("ecology of the brain", Thomas Fuchs, OUP, 2018, P.9)

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This project is considered for blindness.

A project for „this is an auditory painting, not a music".