This is the mobile app running as a web service.

It is provided here for reference, even though it was originally meant to be viewed on cellphones or mobile platforms. It *should* work fine, but some web browsers may have problems showing all elements. Some may show video and no sound, som may play sound but no video.


The app streams the sound live from the physical installation in Hønefoss. The 12 channel sound in the installation is reduced to a 2 channel feed for online streaming. This channel reduction is optimized for headphone listening, but is rendered in such a manner to be compatible with listening on speakers.

The video of the app is an independent stream, not linked directly to the stellar data. It is intended to illustrate the convergence of objects/signals, as can be seen in many of the processing technicues of the VLBI: Correlation techniques slide signals over each other until a match is found; Measurements in different spatial dimensions are used to resolve the location of an object (either the earth or a quasar); Repeated measurements/experiments are used to refine our knowledge of an object's position.



You can get the app for Android here:


The app for Apple has been discontinued due to Apple licensing policy.


The audio stream can also be played as a web radio, using this address: 

If the stream does not open automatically when clicked, you can try to play it with the "play URL" function in your media player of choice. Tested with WinAmp, Windows Media Player, iTunes, Mplayer. In most players, you can open an URL by using the key combination Ctrl+U (apple+U). In WinAmp you can use Ctrl+L instead of Ctrl+U.