Svalbard, experiences


The Mapping Authority gave me a car to use while I was in Ny-Ålesund. I felt deeply honoured and well taken care of. (Now, you can not have your guests running around by themselves, getting attacked by polar bears, so there was actually a security precaution for reason). And it was not as if I could have run away with the car, as Ny Ålesund only has about 5 km of road.

The entrance to the  Mapping Authorities’ and NASA’s station in Ny Ålesund has snow showels and reindeer horns by the door…

I ventured out alone without a gun

(not recommended practice),

and thought I saw something white and furry in the snow up above me in this mountain side.

...Luckily it was a polar fox,

not a polar bear.

Ny-Ålesund in the distance...      

Post processing, editing recordings after a long day in the field. The soft light throught the curtains is due to the midnight sun (yes, already in April there is midnight sun)

I found this device in a shed,

it might look as if it can turn gravity on and off.
Note the up/down switch… didn’t dare to touch it!

closer ...

First bath of the year!

Arctic ocean in April.

Testing survival suits

This is the VLBI clock at the station.
I dare say it is a very serious looking clock.

A hydrogen maser.

It’s got «if sense» (…!)

...starting foul weather...                                      

The local flight plan.

My return flight from Ny-Ålesund was two days delayed due to foul weather.

...and "instant" foul weather

Svalbard was a lot of fun,
and I learned a lot too.

Here are the dogs we used to ride up to a glacier.
Happy and eager dogs!