Duncan Higgins & Johan Sandborg present artworks engaging in the language of visual representation through combined artistic mediums and processes, made in collaboration with the Special Collection picture archive at UiB.

It will be fine invites you to reflect on how the translation and reading of images raises important ethical considerations concerning our voice and its narrative within cultural heritage and the issues this creates, in both tangible and intangible knowledge systems.

It recognises the urgency in addressing a risk being how both material and digitised cultural heritage is used, or misused, in and out of its context. Libraries, museums, archives, research agenda’s, academia and curriculum as well as other collections, often have long histories. Taken out of its context, such heritage may be used to convey messages contrary to the intended.

Is this in conflict with values or the policy of the those housing the collections and artefacts, or is it an opportunity to present new perspectives on our heritage?

What shapes particular dominant narratives and  preconceived notions of our relationships to cultural heritage, its narratives and representation?-

It will be fine is explored and presented through the intersection and use of diverse artistic methods to provoke thought and reflection on the ways in which particular meaning and memory is made, embodied and shared through material forms.

The fight over what’s remembered and what’s forgotten is far from over, this feels more imperative than ever, as our world is constantly consumed and produced by its images...and we are part of it.