Ingrisch, Doris (2021). Knowing in Intra-Acting. Arts-based Research als Weg des Welt-Gestaltens. In: Annegret Huber/Doris Ingrisch/Therese Kaufmann/Johannes Kretz/Gesine Schröder/Tasos Zembylas (Eds.), Knowing in Performing (147-160). Bielefeld: transcript Verlag.
Open Access (German Text)



A Design-Studio

Doris Ingrisch and Adelheid Mers, with Maria Gstättner


How do you work? Explorartions in Aisthesis and Performativity


A seven month pilot, this project unfolded as a design studio in six phases. The intent was to work out the Intra-view process. This inquiry emerged organically from encounters with artists, in which their artistic epistemes were the focus of attention. 


The Design Studio was conceptualized mainly as process, and partially as place, through which we experimented with expanded conversation techniques.


We invited four participants, two musician/composers, and two artists from theater/performance contexts. We took each participant through sequences  1. - 4. , followed by assessment and sharing out. 


The participants were Gabri Einsiedl, Maria Gstättner, Stefan Heckel and Doris Uhlich.


Maria Gstättner took on a dual role. She participated in the conversation process, and also contributed to the assessment, by composing and producing five short sound works in response to phases 1 - 5.


1. Creating the Setting:  We constructed a specific lab setting in cooperation with each of the four participants. 


2. Intra-View:  Within each design lab setting, unstructured conversation was complemented by movement, demonstration, drawing and free improvisation. 


3. Re-View:  All participants, including the researchers, were asked to review documentation from phase 1. and 2., and to prepare a response in a self-selected mode. 


4. Articulation:  In this phase, individual participants and researchers introduced responses to each other. 


5. Assessment:  The researchers assessed the documentation from all previous phases, compared experiences, and formalized outcomes. 


6. Sharing out: Publication and presentation in appropriate platforms.