... with this expo the intention is to create and capture a branch of the international Performance Philosophy Network  in Gothenburg, Sweden... an open spacetime for philosophizing and sharing through acting, moving and meaning-making...

MA (negative space)




Spirals of knowledge of two different cultures.


On instinct...

On NETWORK... (as part of POP-UP PP EVENT 15 may)

DIWO (Do-it-with-others; Garrett, M. White paper)


As spiral shows the knowledge is extended from A1, to A2, the same happens with our cosmos.

The limits of our universe.

The spiral of knowledge.

Mind I

The discursive mind coordinates and integrates sensibilities.

Participatory model of the mind.

Mind II

It's the sum of the sensitivities that represent an expanded mind.

Mind III
The reality or what the mind take as reality.

Book english version:


Mandala of participation.

Empathy / Identification


When knowledge becomes too complex, the mind imposes a new logos.

Evolution as uninterrupted growth of complexity.