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B'reishit. In the beginning of ...


In the beginning... there was an interuption, a rupture a break in the continuum of time before time


a disrupture, a hesitation, a pause, a stutter, a disjointure, a cut. In the

beginning of... before we even  get to the beginning of...


there was a break that disrupts the very possibility of origin and the unlinear unfolding of...


In the beginning that was an originary dis/continuity that breaks open the continuum of time, before it gets started, before there is a beginning.

                                                          (Barad 2017:42-43) 



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familiar hyperobjects, symbols, abstractions.

connections, governance, protocols.

flow, impulse... transformation.

dynamics, transportation, movement.

Origin: Bingared, Olofstorp (SE)
Coordinates: 57°47'33"N 12°07'47"E · 57,0 m

Date: 14th May 2019
Time: 11:56am UTC+02:00




exchange, community, communication.

move-ment, m£ov&e-%m_eƒ¸®n-019654cb056-t.



And from here nothing can be undone. Only noded. Connected. Visited. Employed. Cut. Joint. Broken. Continued. Diffracted.             Intra-acted through...


This is a diffractive investigation

of the meaning of a word;

the meaning of...

This is an EXPOSITION of a diffractive model of how to intra-act through diffractive methodology...

Other words for network: Ağ (in Turkish), nätverk (in Swedish)...

"The word “Ağ” is a root word from which lots of words are derived"

                                                                    (Kurtoğlu Taşdelen et al. 2019)

Destination: Polhemsplatsen, Gothenburg (SE)
Coordinates: 57°42'28.5"N 11°58'38.4"E

Date: 14th May 2019
Time: 12:31pm UTC+02:00


Cha Blasco, offline: Olofstorp, Sweden.

             online: behind 3 proxys.

"Ağıt (lament, that which rises from within),

Ağlamak (to cry, to come upwards),

Ağrı (pain, involving the action of rising)"

                                 (Kurtoğlu Taşdelen et al. 2019)

Michel Lambert: Leçons de Ténèbres,

Troisième leçon du vendredi saint, 1662

                                                      (Belgrano 2018)

Tears fell.

Tears of pain.

Tears without pain.

Tears of joy.

Tears for no reason.

Tears from longing...