To end time.

Nothing makes sense.


                           To stop the blood of flowers and to reverse harmony.

      To die in the river, to die in the river.

     -Tomaž Šalamun, The window of death



To locate change, one needs to remember. Memory is the space where time resonates. To end time here is a decision. To end time suggests a rupture of continuity. To end time here is a remembering of the concept itself, since an end hints at a beginning, a change of direction perhaps. A repetition. Thus, not in any way time’s dissolution. 


An end implies an adventure of existence.


Adventure is an encounter both with the world and with oneself, an event which writes itself as it happens. “The concept of adventure is defined by the fact that something isolated and accidental contains meaning and necessity(Agamben 2018: 48). 


My right hand translates the accident. The accident becomes indexical through its author. Writing is a function of my hand, a buzzing that is translated into a mosquito. Do you hear this? This pointing is the beginning of a theory.