Dear visitor,

The Questionnaire created by Cordula Daus, Simon Repp and Charlotta Ruth, is currently on holiday. The here documented version went live during the Almost Doctor Festival in September 2022 as part of Charlotta Ruth's PhD defense in artistic research at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna. 

As can be seen in the real time documentation the questionnaire collects data to play it back at you. At the end, based on your text contribution and choices, an abstract is generated. Once you're done the data is erased. 

The questionnaire can be activated and context specifically adapted for different purposes. It has until now played as part of conferences, festivals and workshops. If you are interested to book the questionnaire or if you have any questions please get in touch!

The original questionnaire was developed in the context of:

Questionology - Programm für angewandtes Fragen a participatory environment created by Cordula Daus and Charlotta Ruth in collaboration with brut Wien and the University of Applied Arts Vienna, 2021. In this context questionnaire served as a teaser and was distributed in social media before the launch of the live participatory environment.