Charlotta Ruth

Sweden (citizenship)
research interests: repetition, liveness, documentation, game, play
affiliation: University of Applied Arts Vienna

CHARLOTTA RUTH (S/A) plays with time and perception inside choreography, game-design and arts-based research. Her work has been presented at, for example, Tanzquartier & Brut Vienna, MDT, Dansens Hus Stockholm. Research presentations at SAR, Uniarts Stockholm, Gamez & Rulez Zürich and Artistic Research Pavillion Venice. Ruth was educated at the Royal Swedish Ballet school and holds an MFA in choreography from DOCH/Uniarts Stockholm. She also studied computational thinking & basic programming, media activism, e-poetry and the writing of Live Action Role Play. Ruth is a PhD student in Artistic Research and works inside Game Art Researcher Margarete Jahrmann's Artistic Research Project Neuromatic Game Art, Zentrum Fokus Forschung, University of Applied Arts, Vienna.


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