Dear reader,



You are free to jump straight into practice. Before, if you want, you can familiarize yourself with the explicit and implicit rules that developed over days and weeks in the research cell "Through Phenomena themselves" at the Research Pavilion in Venice in 2019. 



(If you are part of the Research Cell Through Phenomena Themselves and find that some rules are missing or you want to change them, you can do that at the Research Catalogue page exposition, to which you have been invited.)







Where does it start and where does it begin?

First make a brief overview of the situation

Possible methods that you can apply to achieve an overview:
peak over a shoulder
overhear a conversation
focus on a meaningless detail
take a look at the artist-reseachers feet
close your eyes for a moment
attend your own smell or breath


choose an artist-researcher as your object

Let’s imagine that this is the true phenomenological practitioner
This practitioner is able to access the world of phenomena
that resides at the hidden core of our everyday experience

Observe this practitioner for a while

How are these practitioners able to do that?
How do they know when they are in contact with the world of phenomena?
What have they had for lunch these last days?
What is this mysterious practice and how do you perceive it as a visitor?





We will now invite you to a series of seemingly arbitrary actions
which will give you an experience of
how the practitioner approaches the world:

Find or steal a chair or another object of your choice

Turn it into a station (see rules):

Make it uninviting to use for it’s normal use so that it’s not mistaken as a chair, pen, bottle, etc. (for example by flipping a chair on a position which makes sitting impossible)

Make eye contact with an artist-researcher of your choice

Ask with your eyes “how does this feel?” allow the situation to develop

Repeat until you successfully pull the attention towards your now transformed phenomenon




To finish, ask yourself with your eyes:

How did this feel?

Thank you for bending, attending and lending yourself to the rules of the research cell “Through Phenomena Themselves”.

 Tuomas and Charlotta



the rules are changing


the tables are not tables they are stations


the stations are used for practice


the stations are not to be used for other kind of activities


the stations are to be handled with care


the practices concern phenomena


the practices are not changing in relation to the opening


the practices are to be performed, not exhibited


the practices are occupying stations temporarily


the practice can continue utilizing space/stations/material until somebody addresses a conflict in interest


if one wishes to leave something permanent in the space, one should ask the others for permission 


the stations are docked after use and in the end of the day


the decisions concerning the use of the space are (not) based on consensus


the possible conflicts in interest are (not) solved through communication or leaving the space


the blackboards are stations


the blackboards stations are written on with chalk


the chalk is to be hidden from view so that visitors do not feel invited to use it


the chalk should be white


the chairs are chairs


the walls are not used for practices


the current situation is valid until 11th of May


the things objects that are not related to practice cannot be put on the tables stations and walls


the tables stations are to be put in a position that is uninviting in order to not be mistaken as tables


the members of other cells should be discouraged from borrowing or using the tables stations


the chairs are to be removed after use


bags and other personal items are to be placed out of sight


the practices are conducted with proper attention


the proper attention is a responsibility to attend to


the attention of somebody else is not to be disturbed or questioned