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artwork: EnantiomorphicStudy
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date: May-2019


Technical Components

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  • Raspberry Pi 3B and 3B+ (multiple items)
  • 2x RAVpower 16750mAh 4,5A USB power bank
  • 1x Behringer UMC22 USB audio interface, 1x Mic Pre, HP amp
  • 1x ESI Maya22 USB audio interface, 1x Mic Pre, HP amp
  • 2x Waveshare 4" HDMI LCD (micro-USB powered)
  • 1x Condenser lens, 55mm dia, focal length c. 95mm, in socket
  • 1x Condenser lens, 45mm dia, in socket
  • 2x Condenser lens, 55mm dia, no sockets
  • AKG destroyed headphones (left / right capsule separated)
  • 2x Pi camera modules (JoyIt 5 MP)
  • 3x "tank skullcap" with ear openings

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tests conducted:

  • power both Raspberry and screen from the RAV bank (works, even though power warning icon is shown)
  • add USB audio interface (still works)
  • try to see how much Mic gain we get from the cheap USB sound sticks (if it can be an alternative to the Behringer). Result: not an option, extremely bad quality and noisy.
  • power with condenser microphone and 48V
  • test the "destroyed" AKG headphones capsules
  • ESI Maya22 : ensure control software compiles on Raspi
  • power with Pi cameras

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(May 2019)