This exposition presents three approaches to re-enactment of medieval musical ideas, as explored through the artistic research project Wheels within Wheels. New approaches to interactions between performers and composers. The research project took place at the University of Bergen, Faculty of Art, Music and Design, the Grieg Academy – Department of Music, from 2015 to 2018 under the auspices of the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme. The main artistic results of the project were presented publicly through three concerts and a sound installation. The concerts were presented as part of the Bergen International Festival 2018 and were named Mouvance I. Mass, Mouvance II. Intonation, and Mouvance III. Distortion. The sound installation was presented separately, as well as partly integrated in Mouvance I and Mouvance III.


This exposition has six parts. The first introductory chapter supplies background information about the project and its participants. Chapters two to four present the three concerts separately and give accounts of the research contexts, materials, and tools, as well as work methods and processes leading up to them. Complete video documentation of the concerts is available at the end of each of these chapters. The fifth chapter is an exposition of the work on the sound installation, including an interactive display of the installation material that allows the reader to create her own stereo kaleidoscope with our recorded and processed sounds. The sixth and final chapter discusses the epistemological, aesthetic, and ethical dimensions of the project as a whole. Chapter two is written by Gundersen, chapter three by Pritchard, while Gjertsen has authored chapters four and five. Chapters one and six are by all three authors.




Jostein Gundersen

Associate Professor, University of Bergen, Faculty of Art, Music and Design


Alwynne Pritchard

PhD, composer, performer, researcher


Ruben Sverre Gjertsen

Graduated Artistic Research Fellow, composer, performer, researcher

Mouvance. Approaches to re-enacting medieval music.