Kin Tsugi - Transformative Repair

Kin Tsugi is the Japanese craft and art of repairing broken ceramics by using silver or gold. Instead of hiding the history of damage, the technique of Kin Tsugi emphasizes the fault and follows the philosophy of Wabi Sabi - a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. The repair achieved by Kin Tsugi is often described as transformative.

The repaired pieces embody dual perceptions of catastrophe and amelioration, and the work prompts a sense of mending or curing rather than fixing. Kin Tsugi enhances and embellishes the appearance of the original object with the aesthetics of precise craftmanship and precious materials.

In her practice, Christina is intrigued by both the hands on work and the thinking behind this form of mending. Kin Tsugi is all about materials and embracing imperfection, healing instead of hiding and the ritualistic character of this work.
Christina applies this principle in many ways. She transforms everyday objects, challenges the notion of healing in the biolaboratory and mends broken places, communities and situations.

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