Kin Tsugi Transformations (2019)

Christina Stadlbauer

About this exposition

Christina'S practice “Kin Tsugi Transformations”, pivots around Kin Tsugi – the ancient Japanese craft and art of repairing broken ceramics by using silver or gold. Christina is intrigued by both the hands on work and the thinking behind this form of repair. She applies the principle to many materials and also more conceptually. In Kin Tsugi Transformations, utmost attention is given to the process rather than the outcome. The ritual character of this work takes shape as participatory interventions and in group practice. A more daring strand takes the concept into the microbiology lab where healing with the help of bacteria is introduced.
typeresearch exposition
keywordstransfomrative repair, mending, crafts, wabi sabi, kin Tsugi
last modified28/12/2019
share statuspublic
affiliationBiofilia, Open Biolab Brussels, Progetto Corale
licenseAll rights reserved
published inResearch Catalogue

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