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Writing Machine

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Writing (simultan)

Writing (suspend)

Writing (…)

Writing (…) is an exposition that grows with the different reconfigurations of a sound installation that began as Writing Machine in 2011, and currently stands as Writing (suspend) in 2023. The page for the previous configuration, Writing (simultan), contains a bit of information about this development over time.

People keep asking what “writing” is referring to. I think I stick to it as the identifier of this series of related works, as their principle gesture is to continuously rewrite / overwrite a sound phrase. At the same time, I picture myself “writing” the installation over and over again, wondering whether the tedious work of building and arranging the wires itself is a form of writing.

What role can Writing (…) play in my current research project Simultaneous Arrivals? In the 2020 configuration … (simultan), I had already moved to the question what exposure of multiple otherwise uncoupled sound islands mean. How as a visitor you can navigate through that sound field of simultaneous events. In … (suspend), the simultaneity is embedded in the co-presence of the twenty-four languages selected; but I am hoping that it will also be decomposable as a research device in the upcoming intervals of the project. I feel I am not "done” with it yet.

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