How to apply for SAR 2020 conference

Information about the possible strands can be found on the kmd website.

Step 1.

A fully upgraded Research Catalogue (RC) account is required to apply.

If you have a limited RC account or are subscribed to SARA, go here to upgrade your limited account.

If you have no RC account:

  1. Register a (free) RC account by going to:
  2. Follow the instructions to upgrade to a full account.
    Because of processing time, it is strongly recommended to register and upgrade at the earliest opportunity.

Step 2.

Once you have a full account, you can log in and apply to the call by going to your profile page:
Click create application button and select “SAR Call | 2020” from the dropdown ( screenshot here ).

Step 3.

Fill in the form, fulfulling all required elements. If you want, you can save the form and further edit it at a later time.
You can open the application again by clicking the ☰ > edit details on your profile.

Applications have to be saved before they can be submitted. After saving, the status tab will become available, where you can submit.

Adding media

It is possible to upload media files through the files tab. If you want to upload more than three files it is probably preferable to create an RC exposition, since this gives more control over how the media is presented. If you refer to an RC exposition in your application, please make sure they are public. For more info on visibility of RC expositions, see the RC guide entry on sharing.

The RC user support can answer questions regarding the use of the Research Catalogue.

in pictures:

location of create application button:

select the right call:

the form: