Special Call : Works for MUMUTH - Ligeti Hall

xCoAx 2020 will be hosted by the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (KUG) and the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics (IEM) and will take place in the MUMTUH building (House of Music and Music Theatre). The venue contains various spaces and in particular the Ligeti Hall, the University's main stage,where part of the xCoAx 2020 performances will take place.


The Ligeti Hall is a ca. 500 square metres concert hall providedwith state-of-the-art technology in particular for sound and videoprojection. Its floor consists of a series of pedestal elements that,by means of individual motors, can be positioned at different heightsin order to realise adaptable topologies. The hall is equipped with asystem of 32 loudspeakers mounted on independent, custom mademotorised suspensions, which allow to adjust height level, azimuthangle and tilt of each individual speaker and to compose customspeaker layouts. Further, an array of 64 speakers, which may beaddressed individually, spans the hall's entire ceiling and upperwalls.


This is a call for works which are especially tailored towards the Ligeti Hall's special infrastructure and its possible aesthetic implications. In particular, we seek contributions with a strong experimental and electroacoustic character that challenge common and established approaches to sound on multichannel setups, pieces that rather engage in an exploratory mode pursuing the unexpected rather then relying on secured grounds.


In order to help potential applicants in the process of developing and shaping their contributions, we provide detailed information regarding the technical setup along with special tools for binauralauralisation of the hall's loudspeaker setup, offering the means to construct a simulated perceptual image of the space.


We will fill in technical details in the forthcoming weeks, but a good starting point is the page On Auralisation which was used in the Mind the Gap Symposium documenting the Ligeti Hall and it technical setup and explaining auralisation techniques. Further, you will soon find here download links of the binaural auralisation tools. Be sure to check back!


If you have any questions regarding this call or would like to have more detailed information, do not hesitate to contact us directly at <pirro@iem.at>.




Submission to this category follows the same procedure as the other xCoAx 2020 categories. Submit a 3 to 4 page description paper, following the formatting in the Word template. Revision of proposals will be single-blind. Proposals should provide a clear description of the work, one or more URLs for access to relevant media assets, and a technical rider (layout, setup, required equipment). The acceptance of performances will not only depend on reviews, but also on their technical requirements. xCoAx has a limited budget, mainly based on the registration fees. Works that require excessive resources on xCoAx’s part may not be accepted. It is fundamental that the proponents are ready to bring their own equipment and minimize their reliance on the xCoAx organisation. All accepted works will be allotted 5 minutes presentation time at the conference. Performances will be allotted a maximum of 20 minutes on stage during the performance night. The proceedings will publish an extended abstract to be provided by the authors after the conference.

All works must be submitted via EasyChair.

Submission deadline: JANUARY 31