VES 2018: Beyond Presence

7.-8.12.2018, University of Arts Helsinki,

Theatre Academy,

Degree Programs in Lighting and Sound Design


The seminar ”Beyond Presence” invites the participants to investigate and discuss out-of-the-ordinary manifestations of digital and physical presence within the performing arts. The seminar attempts to find new strategies to create a more thorough understanding of performances’ new and fruitful presentational and representational possibilities. The seminar is a part of the project ”Interactivity in Performance Design”.


Friday 7.12.2018      


Opening words by professors Tomi Humalisto and Jari Kauppinen    


Dr. Prof. Martina Leeker   (Centre for Digital Cultures (CDC), Leuphana University Lüneburg): 

Dealing with the Fascination-History of Digital Cultures in “Art and Technology”  


Outi Condit (Doctoral researcher, University of the Arts): 

RCH 107: Never Quite There (or how to be a medium)  


Joris Weijdom (University of The Arts Utrecht -HKU): 

Thoughts on Presence in Mixed Reality Experiences


Jokke Heikkilä, Teemu Määttänen & Essi Santala (VÄS, Theatre Academy, Uniarts)

DiViDe Excerpt - a Snapshot from Mediated Performance Course      



Saturday 8.12.2018    


Opening words by professors Tomi Humalisto and Jari Kauppinen    


Otso Huopaniemi (Uniarts Helsinki):

On the Presence of Algorithms in Writing and Performance  


Ilmari Paananen (Uniarts Helsinki) & Laura Jantunen (Freelance artist, dance): 

Kinesthetic Empathy in Video Image


MA programs for Lighting and Sound design: case studies on VES:  

Tomi HumalistoMia Jalerva (Uniarts)Digitalizing Performance -Project     

Tuomas Fränti & co: Interdisciplinary collaboration (University of Turku and VÄS/Uniarts Helsinki)