The urge of thinking loud. Thinking over.

Thinking through a white space. A white spacetime.

Deciding not to bother. Not overloading. Not to want too much.

All goes on inside. 

Spills out.

Thinking of limiting.

Space to depersonalized thinking. Not sure it will work.

Perhaps it shouldn't work.

Perhaps it ought to be like an imaginary conversation.

In a white open spacetime.

Like a hub.  A nod for further investigations.

In intra-active site (using an academic terminology)


This is dreaming. Open. Connecting. In transit.

Anonymous, It can't be.

Need to hide. 

This spacetime to be entered.

Every one has the choice to stay outside.

it is perhaps a forum. 

A brown bag seminar. Without invited speakers. 

An improvisation. Starting with an emergent urge.

For thinking/performing an empty space.


Listen. Directed  Through broken voices. 

A thought runs off with a distant memory,

Through frozen moments. 



Forzen moments.

Spacetimes for over-vocalizing. 

Where do they lead?

Are they simply a bother? Can they make a difference,

Wanting, wishing and longing are crushing into on another.


Signifying Nothing.


"Would be nice to be with".

There is a longing.



In this spacetime. Open. Telling.

But only here. 

It is a performance.

An act,

Trust it or not.

A game, 


(The word appears over and over, 

in the most unexpected ways.)

It is accessed openness.

A collection of irrational questionings.

Through senseless reasoning.


Who can I trust? I asked.





The spiritual subject.

I cannot release myself from h/er/i/m/t


This expo is an open access ornamental extension of thinking from the margin, highly relevant for how voice develope as a research tool.

thinking from the experience of performing; of being in a musical performance, of being a muisician, of existing as part of a musical performance: 

Let me think loud. 

Is that possible?


I enter the stage and prepare

for beginning a live interpresentation of a piece

I love.

Where I have left my heartl

Where I feel at ease.

Where I am in the moment.

A room. A space.

I love.


Taking a breath.

Already being in the sound.

In the ornament that is crying.

Being a medium of sound.

What is this wisdom?

It is risking.


In shadowland.  


Asking these question

makes a difference for how

to move inside music.

Making a difference for the interpretation itself. 


Seeing knowledge

is  threatening.

Selfish. Non-caring.

And caring. 

How can they meet?

Care and non-care?

In the explanations?