15th - 28th January 2019


林建享 Chien-Hsiang Lin


History of Lanyu


Johannes Kretz


A very subjective overview on European Art History  –  from the perspective of an Austrian composer

In this short presentation I would like to present our visitors from Taiwan – in a very simple way –  some aspects of European Art History and it’s connection to the life here in the history and the present.


Bernd Brabec


Metaphysic of Translation

Differences in both temporal and spatial situatedness as well as in 
linguistic expression and conceptualisation amond human groups or 
communities result in the well-known challenges of translation. However, when we go beyond language and semantics, we encounter so-called ontological pre-conceptions that are seldom engaged in translation or intercultural contact, mostly because they are not perceived at all. I will present some examples on the difference of worlds that surface when working with the deeper conceptions of sound among Indigenous communities in comparison with European traditions. I intend to sensitise workshop participants to the perception of unspoken and maybe even unspeakable conceptualisations among various human societies.



The Melody in the Light and Shadow


Documentory/DirectorChien-Hsiang Lin


郭健平 Chien-Ping Kuo


Funeral Songs

In this presentation Kuo will present some insights und his research findings of the mysteriously funeral songs of the Tao, which haven’t been researched and published by the academics in the past.


Sandeep Bhagwati


Assembling Music: How music makers from different traditions can comprovise and communicate with each other

Since the 1990s, Sandeep Bhagwati has worked with many musicians from a wide variety of cultures, traditions and genres.
He founded three trans-traditional ensembles Ensemble Extrakte Berlin (Germany), Ensemble Sangeet Prayog Pune (India), Ensemble Sound of Montréal (Canada). At his matralab (Concordia University) he has also developed new notations and communication devices between musicians, and has evolved a rich repertoire of comprovisation methods that help musicians of any kind, whether professional or not, whether reading or not, to create music together. In his talk, he will present these ensembles, methods and tools - and offer some thoughts on how and why musicians might work together across traditions in a politically unequal and culturally fractious world.


葉慧 Hui Ye


Being Inbetween

Hui Ye is a media and sound artist based in Vienna. In her artistic practice she works with different media: video/film, sound and video installation, electroacoustic composition and sound performance. Having an artistic background as composer and sound performer, exploring the relationship between sound and moving image, along with experimenting with how these time-based media can be transformed in new and challenging ways, is one the main concern of her work. As a Chinese artist based in Vienna/Europe since years, Ye observes and understand her personal experience and let it influence her artistic work. The question how social identity is shaped in different cultural and political contexts is another vital issue of her artistic research. In Ye’s talk, she will present her works in both fields: sound and media arts. Furthermore, she will talk about the experience of Being Inbetween in the meaning of artistic practice as well as personal and political life.




林維亞 Wei-Ya Lin


Music in the Life of the Tao: Tradition und Innovation

In this presentation the dissertation project of Wei-Ya Lin will be presented. The musical tradition of the Tao as well as its continuation in contemporary music practice are explained and illustrated here by means of examples.



Sandeep Bhagwati

作曲家 - 瀕臨滅絕的物種 Composers - an endangered species?

Lecture/Workshop in the Composition Seminar of Prof. Karlheinz Essl


Si Pehbowen


The Musical Interests of the Young Generation on Lanyu & the Musical Orientation of Taiwan's Indigenous Youth

In this presentation Pehbowen will give an insight about the current tendencies of the musical interests among the young indigenous generations by showing several examples.



 王蓂 Ming Wang


Sharing Session with own Composition

1. Introduction about my background, my education in visual arts, Chinese music and western new music.

2. My work as a Taiwanese composer and musician in the West: self-identification, problems and hope.

3. Short examples with sound and video recordings of my compositions as well as interpretation of European new music on Chinese instruments.

4. Presentation of the intercultural projects that I have carried out over the last 20 years with various work teams.

5. Discussion.




Keep Rowing


Documentory/Director: Chien-Hsiang Lin



Filip Tyran


Tradition and Innovation in musical creation process



希婻 紗旮燕 Sinan Sakayan

族語之美:我聽 我寫 我唱 我教

The Beauty of the Native Language: I Listen I Write I Sing I Teach

Sinan Sakayan worked as schoolteacher on the Lanyu Island. She will share in this session about her own experiences, how she found ways to teach pupils their native language by using innovative ways.



Workshop with Sandeep Bhagwati


Creative Misunderstandings: Conversations, Imitations, Translations

In this workshop for all participants, musicians and non-musicians, we will play games that can bring forth musical experiences - whether spoken word, singing, instrument sounds or body movement.




Iris ter Schiphorst

我的電影配樂作品介紹 (中文字幕)

Movies with My Music

(1) “my-non-songs” for voice/performance, bass clarinet, piano/sampler and live electronics, based on texts by Hannah Ahrendt, Inge Müller et al - some very drastic texts, which is related with the “German“

(2) Orchestral Piece „The Imaginary to Lacan“ for

Voice/Performance and Orchestra, Permiere at Wien Modern 2017.



Marc-Antoine Camp

隨著時間的推移 - 我們的音樂遺產也在變化

As time goes by – and our musical heritage changes

傳統音樂轉型的四個案例研究 Four case studies of transformations of traditional music



Johannes Kretz & 林維亞Wei-Ya Lin 


Artistic Research and Applied Ethnomusicology

This session aims to discuss the definitions of artistic research and applied ethnomusicology, as well as its overlapping area within this project.


Workshop by Chien-Ping Kuo 郭健平


Composing Tao Songs



林維亞 Wei-Ya Lin


Introduction of the Research Methods of Ethnomusicology

In this introduction, the relevant research methods of ethnomusicology for our PEEK project will be presented and practiced.