Detailled Information to the Movie

1. Geographic information and visual impressions of the island of LANYU


2. People and rites

• Preparations for the house launching ritual

• The Tao private

  • Field research (Liebhart/Chang), Presbyterian Church, Iraraley Participation in the service. The newly built church in Irarley Village can accommodate over 150 people. This time 30 believers took part in the Mass. There was no priest, just a lay preacher who bilingual (Chinese/Tao) worship. Everything, sermon, prayers, songs were played in both languages.


3. Music education work with children and adolescents (selection)

Workshop series 1 to 3 - Elementary School (August 14 - 16)

Liebhart - introductory and communication games with music and rhythm

1. Talking and listening: The participating 6 girls and 3 boys aged between 4 and 8 years

learn through simple gestures when to speak or listen.

2. Name game: Whoever gets the ball gives his name and throws the ball to the next a.s.o.

3. The body as an instrument: Creating timbres and rhythms with different parts of the body.

At the beginning, all kids are still very cautious and reserved. During the course of this unit

however, the situation relaxes and the trust of the kids gained more and more.

P. Guo - movement games

1. Imitate animals: represent your favourite animal (with piano accompaniment)

2. Imitate body movements: 1 kid shows something, the others imitate

3. Calming game with piano accompaniment: Kids lie on the floor, Liebhart improvises

sounds on/in the piano. After that, kids are interested in how sounds can be created in the piano.

Lin - performance/improvisation

1. Kids should represent themselves with body language/sounds.

2. Some kids represent something, the others can freely invent a story.

3. Playing the rhythm with your own name or body-generated sounds (clapping,

stamp etc.). Note: This game turned out as the least implemented by these kids. This may be due to the age of the kids or their decreasing concentration.

Kretz - Sound Painting (body language with music)

A slightly modified group of 7 girls is trying to implement musical tasks out of the conductor’s signs. Note: This unit went very well. All kids accepted the technique of sound painting very positively.


Workshop series 4 to 7 - Junior High School (August 19 - 22)

P. Guo - Dance Videos, Movement Analysis, Body Movements

Through exercises such as imitating animals, body regions (extremities, neck, back and abdominal muscles) are individually trained. The body-movements should be tuned to the respective, mood-changing music.

Chang/Liebhart - introductory/name games, music & communication

At the beginning a simple naming game (remembering the name, changing places, certain order), then two more orders with different balls, ultimately all orders being combined.

Kretz - Basic knowledge of electronics

Effects such as loop, freeze, delay, reverb etc. are explained interactively and by the kids tried and applied creatively. Own small samples are created.

Gryllus - Introduction to “Sound Painting” (SP)

First the kids are introduced to the art of SP first and then interactively encouraged to act as a "sound painter" as soon as possible.