Owdnegrin nirgendwO

Artistic Research Project about Sexualized Violence - or how to create beautiful pictures out of the horrible

“My artwork is about the small line which exists between resilience and violence, the power which comes from that place and which is able to transform destruction into creation.”


Trigger Warning!


Jeanne is a classically trained dancer, performance artist, art therapist and anthropologist. Sonja is a trained actress and anthropologist whose work takes various forms in the field of music and theatre. The two met during their studies of social and cultural anthropology and found a mutual interest in the structural and institutional side of violence and in the question how personal experiences can form the base for social analysis and artistic activism.


Within their research the two Berlin based artists investigate the phenomenon of sexualized violence and its political implications, zoom in on trauma and resilience and the transformative possibilities of its artistic progression. Their methodology ranges from autoethnographic means to a broad research into various disciplines as for example feminist and queer theory, postcolonial studies, psychological anthropology and political philosophy. Their studio work includes theatre and dance improvisation, creative writing, painting and performance art.


The project wants to contribute to the body of knowledge about sexual violence as a structural and overpersonal phenomenon, enhance the topic’s public visibility and develop a canon of powerful artistic expressions that focus on resistance and agency without blurring the horror into consumability.


Please get in touch with us, if you are interested in our work: owdnegrin(at)gmx.de. We are keen on building bridges. You can also find us on our Website, on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram (search for OWDNEGRIN) or follow our work on ResearchGate.