FREE FANTASY À LA KREISLERIANA VI.                  soundscorebad      exhibits Phase B activity

Recorded live as part of RASCH11 in Ghent, Belgium on October 2nd, 2014

[0:00] I use a motive from Kreisleriana V. as transitional material into the Fantasy in the style of Kreisleriana VI.

[0:18]The bass begins to drop chromatically here, which will lead to a modulation to D.

[0:39] These two notes signify what should be the beginning of number VI.

[0:43] Now the theme from number IV emerges.

[0:50] The thematic material returns to that from number VI.

[0:54] And now the theme from number IV re-emerges (this thematic exchange was practiced in advance).

[1:03] Now I stick with the theme from number VI.

[1:20] Only now does the theme from number VI reach the low F found in the original.

[2:01] After relatively little harmonic experimentation, with some chromatic inner voice movement, the music is back to the same moment as at [1:21], this time with a low F.

[2:14] The melody turns to a surprising B natural, which then slowly leads to a cadence in D Major.

[2:33] The tombeau rhythm and drama of the original is channeled here, but the harmonic scheme remains basic and suspended between Bb Major and D Major for almost one minute.

[3:26] The F melody tone here signifies the ascending line from measure 19 of Schumann's original number VI with a pedal point F in the bass.

[3:40] The pedal point is broken with the same series of bass tones as in Schumann's original number VI except with the addition of a low C, and with some of the same as well as some different melodic accompanying pitches.

[3:48] The same pedal point with harmonic sequences begins to repeat but then changes.

[3:57] The build-up is interrupted by a restatement of the initial tones of the melody.

[4:38] The performance ends with a quotation of the last two bars from Schumann's VI.