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recorded live in Basel, Switzerland on June 3, 2014 with an extemporized middle section from [0:372:08]

recorded live in Ghent, Belgium on May 22, 2014 with an extemporized middle section from [0:381:56]

Both performances continue in the same vein as Schumann's original first and last bars of the piece. While the first flows more naturally and contains fewer harmonic ambiguities than the second, the second contains two structural moments that give the music more of a sense of structure: a relatively clear cadence to G minor at [1:19] and a cadential pedal point passage from [1:352:08].


These recordings were made at a time when I was consciously working on conveying a clearer sense of structure in my extemporaneous playing by finding closure in one section and then creating a contrasting musical episode. In both cases, I was unsuccessful in the sense that I was not able to initially continue in the manner of Schumann's first eight bars, find a cadential point, and then create clearly contrasting music.


Here is a recording of one of my performances of Schumann's score from May 22, 2014: