NACHTGESANG                    audioscoreexemplary      exhibits Phases B, C, and D activity

After having played the melody a few times, I started looking for voicings at the piano on April 21, 2015, to accompany the already notated bass and melody lines of Nachtgesang:

In an attempt to strengthen the quality of my melodic playing, I spent time away from the piano notating melodies. In a sketchbook dating from around December 2014, the first visible traces of Nachtgesang can be found  on the bottom stave of the page to the left and the top three staves of the page to the right (see below).

This manuscript of a through-composed version of Nachtgesang was written on the train from Bern, Switzerland, to Freiburg, Germany on May 10, 2015:

The efforts put into finding satisfying melodic content and appropriate accompanying material, made in many different stages both at and away from the piano, and both with and without pen and paper, produced a short moment of music-making that I consider to be compact and compelling.


a recording of Nachtgesang from June 2nd, 2015: