MENSCHENBLUT                    audioscoreunsatisfactory      exhibits Phase B activity

a character piece based on the same two stanzas from Hebbel's poem Böser Ort (from the collection Waldbilder) with which Schumann prefaced his character piece Verrufene Stelle (Waldszenen Op. 82 No. 4):


Die Blumen, so hoch sie wachsen,
    Sind blaß hier, wie der Tod,
Nur eine in der Mitte
    Steht da in dunklem Rot.

Die hat es nicht von der Sonne,
    Nie traf sie deren Glut,
Sie hat es von der Erde,
    Und die trank Menschenblut!

Before performing the piece on October 15th, 2014, I made a few sketches at home of the introduction and main melodic gestures, to be performed with the left hand in the tenor register. As can heard in the recording, some things did not turn out the way I had previously notated them. While playing the music, I did not reference the notated materials.

One blatant mistake can be heard in Menschenblut. The melodic content is inappropriately harmonized from [0:420:47]. A similar melodic passage is then realized in a more acceptable manner from [1:141:19]. The melodic material unfolds in a simple structure that could be described as follows: introduction + first statement of the melody + second statement of the melody including brief modulation to a parallel major mode + coda.