Schumann's notated fermata over a double-bar line, preceding the music entitled Zum Beschluß, inspires me to play a cadenza at this moment in the performance. It is generally tempting to begin the cadenza with the same march-like material as the preceding music. In the second recorded performance here above, I landed upon a quote of a prelude by Rachmaninov without having intended to do so and also without having practiced in order to be able to do so in advance. Harmonic variety is most apparent in the third audio example, recorded live in Brussels in 2016.

CADENZA IN THE HUMORESKE, OP. 20      audiosatisfactory      exhibits Phase B activity

April 9th, 2013 during the entrance examination for the docARTES Programme at the Orpheus Instituut in Ghent, Belgium (cadenza begins at [0:32]):

December 20th, 2016, live at Art Base in Brussels (cadenza comprises the whole recording):

September 12, 2013, live in London at the i=u Festival (cadenza begins at [0:35]):