PRELUDE TO WALDSZENEN                    audiounsatisfactory      exhibits Phase B activity

The first 22 seconds of the prelude give a satisfying impression that a pedal point on the tonic in second inversion has been established, and the pianism above that harmonic foundation establishes the desired character. The left hand doesn't quite participate, but the effect is still pleasing. Starting at around [0:23], the listener begins to desire some sort of development, so that the quote of Schumann's first bars of Waldszenen I. [00:34] sound very welcome. The passage from [0:551:02] unsatisfactorily reduces the whole texture to two-voice counterpoint with no audible harmonic underpinning’ and although the following harmonic passage still brings the music to the desired cadence, the prelude arrives at the tonic in second inversion ([1:13]), the same harmony and inversion in which Schumann's text then begins. Some kind of contrast between the end of the prelude and the beginning of the piece would have been preferable.

a recording made on May 22nd, 2014 (the prelude can be heard from [0:001:17]):

and a recording of Schumann's piece, performed just after the prelude above: