PRELUDE 'VORFREUDE'                    audiosatisfactory      exhibits Phases A and B activity

On April 21st, 2015, Rudolf Lutz asked me to extemporize a prelude with an affect of expectation, or Vorfreude:

Attempting the music again at a consciously slower tempo, while looking for other, possibly more satisfying, solutions to the musical moment can be heard in the second recording. Before this attempt, I was encouraged not just to enter the flow of piano playing again but explicitly look for other solutions to an already given performance. I consider this process a form of what Derek Bailey describes as "woodshedding:" "the bridge between technical practise and improvisation [... where the improviser] listens to himself in a different way. He might be much more analytical and much less involved in aspects of playing created by the impetus or the tension of performance" (Bailey 1992, 110).

After having discussed the performance that can be heard in the recording above, I was asked to try a couple of passages again  this time in a consciously slower tempo to see whether or not I could achieve different and perhaps better results: