LEFT HAND CELLO PRELUDE                    audiounsatisfactory      exhibits Phase A activity

This music is a result of having been asked to perform a movement from a "cello suite" by using exclusively my left hand. The rhythmic elements have the feeling of a dance, or even of a slow march, although it is sometimes hard to differentiate whether the music unfolds in a tertiary or a duple meter. Although the ambiguity in the meter makes this music hard to categorize, I include Left Hand Cello Prelude in the list of marches under Czerny's various classifications of genres in which one should be able to extemporize character pieces (see the main page of the chapter On My Improvisation Methods).

Left Hand Cello Prelude is one of many examples of Phase A piano playing exhibited in Playing Schumann Again for the First Time. These occasions of music-making were performed on the spot in front of a small audience, after having been asked to play music according to a certain character or other type of demand. I include numerous such examples in this project in order to convey to the reader-listener the importance of practicing extemporizing music in front of an audience.

recorded on September 29th, 2015: