APPLES AND PEARS        audiounsatisfactory      exhibits Phase B activity

“I know the look of green apples and peaches and pears on the trees, and I know how entertaining they are when they are inside of a person.”  Mark Twain (Twain 2010, 217)

The recording below, made on October 15th, 2014, captures a performance of a character piece inspired by this Mark Twain quote.  The music was prepared beforehand but with no written component.

[0:050:06] These parallel fourths without a third-voice accompaniment landing on a minor ninth (G versus the more preferable F#) sound unacceptable in context.


[0:31] This bass note suddenly interrupts the treble voices and almost brings them to a complete stop, as if they don't know how to respond to it.


[0:38] This mistake is similar to the one described at [00:31].


[1:15] One hand reaches for a fourth relationship within the key, while the other reaches for a secondary dominant that would lead to a different key, hence the unwanted dissonance here.