the cadenza at the end of the first movement:

a cadenza performed at the end of the second movement where Beethoven notates trills and a fermata:

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In the recording studio while working on the music for the Haydn Fortepiano Sonatas, Adagio, and Variations album released by Alpha in 2014, I improvised nine versions of the cadenza I planned to include in the context of the Variations in F minor, Hob. XVII:6. The cadenza comes at a point in the final variation where the music slows to a cadential point and Haydn notates a fermata. Improvising a cadenza in such a situation is common while performing concerti, so I was inspired to do so here as well. This audio file is the cadenza the sound engineer and I chose to include on the disc:

To the right are eight other recorded improvisations I performed in the studio within the context of this cadential point in Haydn's score. The decision to choose the recording above was made a couple of months after the studio sessions and after having listened back to all the recordings.

Video footage of cadenzas performed in the context of Beethoven's fourth piano concerto during a May 2018 tour with the Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century and Philippe Herreweghe can be found here below. These cadenzas were performed live in concert. 

an Eingang before the return of the rondo theme in the third movement:

the cadenza in the third movement: