Making related to writing

The making is my spirit. It gives me energy and other views on the world and the little escapes from reality. This is what I try to cause at the spectator.
So my whole research is going about to give or show how I relate my self with my making and looking at the world to other people. My the writing is based on my own experience but also the look at how we perceive and see the world and how can it be changed the reality perception. That people take a moment to look to feel and imagine.
Especially now in this difficult times I feel more the need to share my views. I’m trying to do more experiments and try outs and also to share them with you here on my research catalogue. It’s now the task to show my spacial practice on a digital space. But this can give the viewers the possibility to escape for a small moment and have some distraction of their current situation.
Now I’m totally in charge of what yo see co I can totally play with the perception and let you travel to a colourful upside down world through a filter.

This weekly process I will keep in a weekly diary of my work and experiments. Go to contents and choose the experiment you want see and read more about.