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There are multiple ways to navigate "Mörk Materia / Dark Matter(s)":

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  • In its original order following the Moebius icon on he top-right of each page.

It is possible to combine the different navigation modes, and at any stage to revert to the introduction following the Green Man icon on each page.

Photo Credit: Cyanotype of proto-transgenic grey pea plants in pot (2017), produced during residency at Coalesce Bio Art lab, Buffalo, NY, USA © 2017 Timo Menke

Use the Green Man icon on each page to revert to this navigation and introduction

Mörk Materia / Dark Matter(s)

Use the Moebius icon on each page to follow the original order.

On the exposition structure

The visual and navigational concept for this exposition, following the dark on a Moebius-like path of multiple co-interdependent pages in no consecutive order, accounts for the non-linear and horizontal becomings in this artistic evolution of thoughts. 

This exposition was initially developed and performed as "Mörk Materia / Dark Matter(s)" and has been adapted to the contexts it has been performed in. Each page represents a transcripted and translated chapter from the original performance script, contextualised to fit the exposition mode of the Research Catalogue format.

The original performances were conducted using speech synthesis tools, adding a post- or even in-human level to the notion of co-becoming with plants. The script has been translated from Swedish to English; however the original voicing in Swedish is included for each chapter/page.