This page comprises a series of ‘collateral readings’ of the Practice Sharing site, which can be found here.


A Collateral Reading – Engaging / Connecting / Relating

For the first phase (April 2020, as part of the Society of Artistic Research Conference SIG event), six colleagues within the field of language-based artistic research were invited to present their own individual ‘readings’ of the Practice Sharing material, drawing out different resonances and connections emerging through diving into this rich collection of practices.


Extending the invitation

The invitation has since been extended and continued to be extended to other ‘readers’. Readers are invited to make a ‘reading’ of the Practice Sharing (in the form of a video recording / screen recording [max 10 minutes] that makes connection with a number of the ‘practices’ within the Practice Sharing).


Viewing notes

Click on individual's name to play each video, with further option to view full screen.

Collateral Readings from Rosie Heinrich, Brandon LaBelle, Imogen Stidworthy, Nathan Walker from "A Collateral Reading – Engaging / Connecting / Relating", SAR Language-based Artistic Research Gathering 2021. See event here





Collateral Reading by Delphine Chapuis Schmitz

Key words:

reading as writing

writing as thinking

thinking with



Collateral Reading by Iuliana Varodi

Key words: