Language-based Artistic Research @ Society of Artistic Research Conference 2023

Trondheim, Norway

Wednesday 19 April 2023


SIG slot #1 @Cinemateket 

Kjøpmannsgata 48, 7011 Trondheim


In April 2023 we will be in Trondheim, Norwary, attending the International Conference of the Society for Artistic Research (SAR), 19-21 April 2023 – see https://sar2023.no/ 


During the conference, we will be introducing the activities of the SAR Special Interest Group for Language-based Artistic Research. This in-person session during the SAR conference will share recent activities, introducing the current ‘Practice Sharing’ (2023) alongside announcing future events. 


This event is part of the Society of Artistic Research conference, and you will need to register for the conference to attend this event. For conference registration/booking details see https://sar2023.no/


The full conference programme can be viewed here.


During the conference we will also announce the contributors for the second edition of ‘Practice Sharing’. See first edition of Practice Sharing here.


The Society for Artistic Research Special Interest Group (SAR SIG) in Language-based Artistic Research was founded and is co-organised by Emma Cocker (UK), Alexander Damianisch (AT), Cordula Daus (DE/AT), and Lena Séraphin (FI). This Special Interest Group was inaugurated in the context of the Research Pavilion, Venice, 2019, within the frame of Convocation, a three-day gathering of expanded language-based practices. Since 2019, this SAR SIG has – through a variety of different formats and forms – connected over 300 artistic researchers interested in language-based practices.