Reading on Reading was the first in a series of language-based artistic research collaborations (in conjunction with the activities of the Special Interest Group). Reading on Reading was a collaboration between Emma Cocker, Cordula Daus and Lena Séraphin, which took place within the frame of the Research Pavilion #3, Venice, Summer 2019. 

Reading on Reading is a series of experimental reading practices for exploring what alternative modes of sense making are produced when reading is undertaken artistically, as an aesthetic activity. Reading on Reading explores three interrelated foci: How can aesthetic practices of reading: (1) Shed new light on the phenomenology (or how-ness) of reading? (2) Transform the often-solitary activity of reading into a shared or communal act — and explore what modes of sociality, solidarity and emergent ‘we’ emerge therein? (3) Operate as a disruptive process unsettling normative conventions of reading through focus on the poetic, affective and material dimensions of readerly experience? Within this artistic research collaboration, the artist-researchers consider the act of reading beyond the relation of the reader to a text read, as a micro-political or ethico-aesthetic practice through which to re-consider — perhaps even re-organise — the relations between self and other(s), self and world. They reflect on how the modest practice of reading together could contribute to a wider ethico-aesthetic project: for cultivating shared poetics of attention, for the re-sensing of language through embodied vocalisation, for tending to the temporary gatherings of ‘we’ that reading together affords. 


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Image Credit: Emma Cocker, Cordula Daus, Lena Séraphin, Reading on Reading, Venice, 2019. Photograph by Michaela Bränn.