... constantly seek the unconcious under the concious, the subjective value under the objective evidence, the reverie beneath the experiment.

Gaston Bachelard





and Soul




An interdisciplinary artistic research project, (from October 2019), that departs from, and investigates several encounters and alignments between contemporary art and archaeology. There are two geographical hubs in the project: Fontainebleau in France, and the Blombos Cave in South Africa.

•  The goal is to create autonomous and collaborative artistic, poetic and scientific expressions and responses to prehistoric art and its contemporary images. It seeks to stimulate a deeper understanding of contemporary, and prehistoric artistic expression and the contemporary, and prehistoric human condition. The participating artists and archaeologists will create autonomous projects, but also interact with each other in workshops, seminars, and collaborative artistic and scientific projects.

•  The secondary goal of Matter, Gesture and Soul is to establish an international cross disciplinary research network at the University of Bergen, and strengthen the expertise in cross disciplinary artistic, and scientific work with art as the driving tool. The project is kindly supported by NARP, KMD, and Global Challenges (UiB).

Geir Harald Samuelsen 




The Art Academy,

Department of Contemporary Art,

Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design (KMD)

University of Bergen

NARP (Norwegian Artistic Research Program)


In close collaboration with:

• SapienCE (UiB)


• National University of Arts, Bucharest

• Université Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne

• KHIO (Oslo)







Symposium, Workshop and Exhibition


In this seminar the topic was our past, present, and future relationship to nature seen from the perspectives of Art and Archaeology. 

More specifically; Ochre.


In the symposium, 13th of November, our speakers took us on an artistic, scientific, multi-disciplinary and multi-layered trip through matter, space and time via the agency and attributes of Ochre; an important agent in the development of human cognition and behavior the last 500 000 years. 

We visited caves in the Dordogne region in France and we met Titanium white pigment dug out from the mountains of Norway. 

In his latest book Inclusions, our key-note speaker Nicolas Bourriaud states: “The Western world has blinded itself into considering Art as the “double” of reality. In fact, it represents a model for action, a process for activating scattered forces”.

His talk has the title: “The Sublime in the Anthropocene”.





at Knut Knaus, KMD, Bergen,

13th of November, 2022




(With SapienCE)

at Bergen University Museum,

14th of November, 2023





(Painting Class, KMD)

at KMD, November, 2023






Symposium, Workshop and Exhibition 


Rhythm is everywhere. It is breath and heartbeat; it is the sound of a drum and the repetitive flint carved lines in stone done by a prehistoric human being. It is the flickering screen and a million digital processes too small to see. It is engraved in the depth of our minds and bodies. It is how we remember. It is in how we walk, how we talk, how we write and how we act together. 

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, rhythm (Greek rhythmos, derived from rhein, “to flow”) is an ordered alternation of contrasting elements, and according to Roland Barthes both painting and writing started with the same gesture, one which was neither figurative nor semantic, but simply rhythmic.

In this seminar we will approach rhythm through contemporary artistic and archaeological imagination starting with some engraved and painted lines drawn by our stone age ancestors in France and South Africa. 

See the exhibition online. Download the publication here.


Rom61, KMD, Bergen

December 2022



Knut Knaus, KMD, Bergen

6th of December 2022






Exhibition, Symposium and Articles




(Research Catalogue)

Multimedia presentation of the project

Text, audio and pictures






Exhibition, Publication and Symposium 

Bergen University Museum


In this publication, and in the exhibition which it follows, the floating roles we all have; as spectators, scientists, artists, the posterity, and the future, are activated and even unified. The different content of the publication has been juxtaposed and placed in layers on top of each other to explore what kind of light might shine from the pages and from the exhibition halls. It may be the light of a palimpsest. A layered light. A light with many shadows and with paradoxical memories. 


The work involving both the exhibition and this publication has, in its totality, taken place during the 2020-21 Corona pandemic. Thus, the work in the project has become unusually lonely, erratic, and delayed, but also strangely reversed. The result has become more than simply planned individual approaches to specific themes; it now also reflects the manifestation of knowledge in general. The original intention was to meet and to work together early in the project period and to produce and display results later. The timeline for the project has, because of the pandemic, been turned around. Both exhibition and publication are now not only visible artistic and scientific manifestations from (a few) discussions and fieldwork, but also a fresh start for new discussions, new forms of fieldwork, new questions, and new artistic approaches for the project, and for the public.


Dig it up and put it in a bag

At Bergen University Museum

September 2021


21th of September, 2021.

Open one day seminar in Tårnsalen (University Museum, Bergen) with Samuelsen, Lindstrøm, Sørensen, O`Kane and Larissa Mendoza from SapienCE.